Hello, family and friends. This is the page you will go to in order to download updates to the Steve Webb Bible Narration. You were given a thumb drive containing my reading of the New Testament for Christmas, 2015 (or soon thereafter). I have already completed the Pentateuch and the books of Wisdom. I am currently (December 24, 2015) in the process of recording the books of History, and will follow that with the Major and Minor Prophets.

My plan is to email each of you upon the completion of each section, at which time you can come back to this page to download the new content. However, you can come back here at any time to check things out. I have plans to add new content every so often that will be of varying nature.

I love you and pray that this will be part of my legacy to each of you.

As you might guess, the recording of the complete Bible represents thousands of hours of my time, but I do it because of my love for God’s Word and my love for you, and the generations of our family to come.

I pray for each of you who are living now, and for those yet unborn (should the Lord tarry).

There is more information on the ReadMe file that you received on your thumb drive.

UPDATE December 27, 2015

I have updated the files that were included on the original thumb drives. If you have not yet installed those files, then skip that and just download the new files from this link:

Right-click here and choose “Download” or “Save As”

This is the file that was also linked in the email I sent out today.